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I offer private tutoring for all levels of college math in the east valley.  I am located on the Tempe, Scottsdale border.  I have been tutoring since 1988.  This experience allows me to narrow in on problem areas, to present the material in a relaxed and easy to understand manner, and to help my students become more confident in their abilities, hopefully eliminating the need for future tutoring.

Whether you want a tutor to get you caught up in class, to keep you ahead of the class, to cram for a test, or to just help build up your confidence, I can help.  I specialize in reducing math anxiety, especially in "older" students returning to school.  As a professional math tutor, I can simplify the material for you, help you with your calculator skills, and check your understanding.  

I can also help you test into the class of your choice, avoiding extra semesters of introductory material.


Class levels include: Calculus, trigonometry, college algebra, intermediate algebra. 


The numbers vary from ASU to Scottsdale Community College, Mesa Community College, Paradise Valley Community College, Rio Salado and all the rest.   Some included are:

Arizona State University

Mat 106 Intermediate algebra

Mat 117 College Algebra

Mat 170 Precalculus

Mat 119 Finite Mathematics

Mat 142 College Algebra

Mat 170 Precalculus

Mat 210 Brief Calculus

Mat 211 Mathematics For Business       Analysis

Mat 270 Calculus/Analytical Geometry I

Mat 270 Calculus/Analytical Geometry II

Maricopa Community College

Mat 120 Intermediate Algebra

Mat 150 College Algebra

Mat 182 Plane Trigonometry

Mat 187 PreCalculus

Mat 212 Brief Calculus

Mat 220 Analytical Geometry/Calculus

Rio Salado

Mat 122 Intermediate Algebra

Mat 151 College Algebra

Mat 182 Plane Trigonometry

Mat 187 Precalculus

Mat 212 Brief Calculus

Mat 220 Calculus w/Analytic Geometry I

Mat 221 Calculus w/Analytic Geometry II

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